Best Mobile Phone of 2016

We tend to all grasp there' visiting be an iPhone 7 next year. That’s easy. What’s a little a lot of difficult is grasping when all the other great smartphones are going to originate. Here at Alpha, we tend to have a calendar that keeps track of after we expect the year’s upcoming smartphones to launch, which allows us to organize for them. Therefore, under the flag of goodwill, we have a tendency to thought we tended to share that data so you'll set up your purchase(s) accordingly.

Oh, and I’ve added a little info concerning some of the key upcoming smartphones for the hell of it. To help you together with your call, here’s a listing of the best upcoming smartphones 2016. Be warned: the list below isn't based mostly on official unleash dates, but on internet rumours instead, thus strive not to hammer me in the comments section if some predictions don’t flip out to be a hundred% accurate. Dates, in specific, will modification.

Here is the list of Best Mobile Phone 2016


BestMobilePhone Of 2016

Sony Xperia Z6

Sony has had a rough ride in the smartphone market this year and whereas it will hope the Xperia Z5 range will be a massive success, its thoughts should now be firm with the Xperia Z6.Best Mobile Phone 2016

There's little within the approach of leaked information on the phone, but it will appear that Sony can stop its six-month refresh cycle meaning the Xperia Z6 will arrive around September 2016. We have a tendency expecting a similar providing to the Z5 with waterproofing and a fingerprint scanner, however, we tend to hope it will shake things up a bit with one thing terribly completely different to past phones. For it's most important specifications this Sony Xperia Z6 come to our list of best mobile 2016.


It's not long since we tend to welcomed the LG G4, but the LG G5 will be here by the tip of spring 2016. Obviously, terribly little is known thus so much about LG's next flagship, but we have a tendency to have heard that the corporate is working with Irience to bring an iris scanner to the G5. And that's one thing of a surprise, given that the LG G4 doesn't even feature a fingerprint scanner. This isn't whole new tech, and in fact, we have a tendency to have a UMI Iron phone in front people with the same iris-scanning technology, but it can bring iris scanning in front of a UK audience for the first time.Best Mobile Phone 2016

The new LG G5 is assumed to own a larger capability battery - maybe up to 4000mAh - and the company is predicted to retain the flexibility to remove- and conjointly wirelessly charge the battery.



HTC has had a tough year in 2015, with the M9 maybe not being the hit it wished. There's the suggestion that HTC may abandon the name M10 for the subsequent handset, however until we have a tendency to know additional, we'll keep using it.Best Mobile Phone 2016


HTC's most fascinating device in 2015, maybe, has been the HTC One A9. It has a refreshed style, opts for an AMOLED display and runs a lighter version of Sense than we've seen before. It conjointly performs well on its mid-range hardware.

With little data about HTC's plans, we have a tendency to suspect that the A9 could be a testbed device for the next flagship. A fingerprint scanner may be a should, evolution from the M7-M8-M9 design is a should, as is improved camera performance. However, we wouldn't be stunned to determine that lighter version of Sense and that AMOLED display seem once more.

The dates haven't been discussed, but we tend to suspect HTC will launch on the eve of MWC 2016 as it did in 2015. Mark twenty-one February in your calendar, we've got a sense it can be a big day.


Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The smartphone business is improving day by day and we are witnessing new features every month. As the Samsung Galaxy Note category smartphones are growing bigger and bigger as by the launch of new smartphones, Samsung makes the smartphones so marvelous in features that they tend to break every barrier possible and precisely beat every different smartphone of any firm and the Samsung Galaxy Note Series is the best Part of this. With all of it's this Samsung Galaxy Note 6 come to the list of best mobile phone 2016.Best Mobile Phone 2016

Samsung galaxy s7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has already hit the rumour cycle. The device has been codenamed Project Lucky and 2 models are expected, known as Hero and Hero2. Samsung Galaxy S7 is most popular and most high configured smartphone to the list of best mobile phone 2016.

The current leaks recommend that you'll be able to expect a 5.two-in. device and a 5.eight-in. The device, but there have additionally been reports of a five.7-inch device with a Quad HD show. It's entirely reasonable to recommend that Samsung can have another dual edge device or devices. Whether a bigger model can launch alongside the smaller remains to be seen.Best Mobile Phone 2016

In terms of processor, rumours recommend Samsung can stick with Exynos in one device and place the Qualcomm SD820 in the other. The use of a Snapdragon chipset may just be for testing, however, as we tend to suspect that Samsung will continue in-house hardware. There's also been reports of a come back to supporting microSD cards.

A sixteen-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera are expected, though according to SamMobile, Samsung is testing a twin-camera setup in some prototypes and a twenty megapixel ISOCELL sensor.

As for the timeline, several suspect that Samsung will be eyeing a launch on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016, perhaps 11th March 2016.

Apple iPhone 7

As sure because the sun rises, there can be an iPhone 7. It's doubtless to stay to the identical launch cycle as it has done previously, and won't seem till October 2016. However, that hasn't stopped the rumours circulating. The iPhone 7 is said to be ditching the headphone socket. This is not a brand new idea and it's one among the oldest parts on the handset, absorbing a heap of the internal area - the house that could be crammed with a lot of battery or unicorn tears. The Lightning connector already supports audio, therefore, it's not too way fetched.

Best Mobile Phone 2016 We tend to'd expect a new design because the half-dozen and 6S share the same looks, and Apple updates the iPhone style on a 2-year cycle. There has been a talk of waterproofing the handset too. It can launch with iOS 10 (we will simply predict along) with more powerful hardware. As for brand spanking new options, we suspect Apple will need to refine the camera expertise and work on increasing the functionality of the 3D Touch display. If you believe this new upcoming flagship smartphone can win your heart then we hope so it also will be the best mobile 2016.

iPhone 6c

Currently, the iPhone 5S remains sold by Apple, with the colorful plastic iPhone 5C having been discontinued. However, rumours suggest which may modification in early 2016. Some say January, others say February, some say it won't happen in the least. However if Apple is to unleash an iPhone 6C, it's likely to exchange the position of this 5S, add some options from the 6, like Apple Pay support, furthermore, bring back the colorful bodywork, perhaps in metal this point. Many are wanting at the most recent iPod and suggest that's the template for the new reasonable iPhone and that will well be right. As is usually the case with Apple, expect a ton of speculation, however, little or no verifiable reality.


BlackBerry Vienna

No soon had BlackBerry announced the BlackBerryPriv - its 1st Android handset - another model appeared, codenamed Vienna.

There's a little info on the Vienna therefore far, but it seems to be a candybar device, giving a fastened physical keyboard underneath the large display. There's the rumour that if the Priv is successful, this can be the next step in BB's march into Android.

We have a tendency to suspect that this can be going to be additional cheap than the Priv flagship, based on the planning that appears a lot just like the end of the Leap (the cheapest all-bit BB10 handset).

There's very little else to go on at the moment, however, it appears that in some small means the worm has turned for BlackBerry. There's no word on release date, but the Priv was initial flashed at MWC 2016, so the Vienna might seem in February 2016.

Google Project Ara

Created by Motorola, and currently shifted over to Google after the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, Project Ara has recently announced that it's suspending and will not be expected till 2016.

Project Ara is essentially an exoskeleton that permits users to switch what components they want. That method somebody that desires to spend the bulk of their budget on the camera, however, does not need a lot of storage, will select to upgrade that way. Perhaps one person will skip NFC in favour of faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as an example. There ought to also be third-party elements on providing that can admit for competitive pricing along with new sorts of parts - like sensors. A person with diabetes might need a blood sugar sensor where another could not.


One Plus 3

OnePlus has spoiled us in 2015 with their two devices, one is the OnePlus 2 and another one is the OnePlus X, however, we're already hearing whispers concerning a OnePlus 3.

The image pictured here is just a render, and may be very little a lot of than an artist's impression of what they'd like to determine. Still if it's true, there's no sign of the fingerprint scanner previously designed into the house button, that may mean OnePlus is going down the Sony route by building it into the ability button, or it may mean it's dropped it completely, probably in favour of one thing more radical such as iris-scanning. Early leaked specifications embrace the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip that can feature heavily in 2016 flagships, giving developed performance and battery performance, and support for Qualcomm Quick Charge three.0 and Adreno 530 graphics. And OnePlus will allegedly continue to suit a 1080p full-HD screen, that suggests to us the OnePlus 3, like the One and a pair of before it, will be a great price phone (most likely beneath £three hundred) with high-finish specs and a mid-range worth.